Top Lookbook Examples to Inspire Your Next Digital Creation

You work tirelessly for your customers. But it isn’t enough to market your products to your shoppers, or provide them with the best that’s out there. You need to be a leader in earning their trust as well. A company’s brand and image is very important to consumers who are more inclined to do their research before making a purchase.

There are several ways to earn trust, but the most effective way is to explain transparently who you are and the why of your company.  What is your company about? What is the purpose? The easiest way to demonstrate these principles is to create a digital lookbook. 

You’ve probably seen several company lookbooks, but how do you know if they are effective? In this blog, we will explore several lookbook examples that illustrate the value of incorporating a digital lookbook into your marketing and sales processes.

What Is a Digital Lookbook?

Before we start, let’s discuss a high-level overview of a digital lookbook and how they can easily fit into your business. 

A digital lookbook starts with a fully developed PDF. An online catalog maker transforms your static PDF into visually appealing product images and descriptions that increase brand awareness, sales and reach. They help you deepen the connection between your business and your customers and provide you with a way to make inspiring showcases of your products.

Shoppers enjoy supporting a brand who takes the time to help them get to know the team behind the brand. A digital lookbook provides the perfect backdrop to reveal who is working behind the scenes. With the ability to add interactive elements, such as video clips, a lookbook enables businesses to build trust between themselves and their customers. 

Research shows that at least 74% of customers expect a lot from brands, including how they treat their customers. And over 80% of consumers will not engage in business with brands that they don’t trust. 

With a digital lookbook, you can provide a way to engage with your customers and forge an emotional connection on a deeper level.

Elements of an Engaging Digital Lookbook

So how can you create content that resonates? Let’s look at some of the elements that are important to include in your digital lookbook.

The best lookbook examples make the content more accessible to customers. They showcase the company brand and story and allow customers to buy products straight from the digital lookbook. They boost engagement and convert your readers to customers.

Some of the most effective lookbook examples:

  • Connect the customer to the business and brand on a deeper level
  • Provide interactivity and multimedia elements
  • Increase brand awareness and reach 
  • Engage users and improve online sales

How can you accomplish those objectives through your digital lookbook?

Let’s look at a few lookbook examples that drive success.

Key Components of a Digital Lookbook

There are four main components to a digital lookbook:

  1. Create and design a PDF. This is how you nail the layout and design for a clean look that stands out to your consumers. Use high-quality images and write compelling descriptions of your brand, services, and products.
  2. Upload and customize your digital lookbook. Upload your lookbook into the online catalog software maker and customize it with your logo and branding colors. Enhance your content with rich media elements, links, pop up images, and more. Add an intro page to highlight your business, company, brand, or product. Or, use the intro page to add directions or additional information about how to use your lookbook.
  3. Publish and share your lookbook easily. From the admin platform, access a unique URL for your lookbook. You can share the URL via email or social media, or choose to embed it on your website. If you have any printed material, incorporate a QR Code on the printed content to encourage your readers to scan it and visit the interactive lookbook online. 

With these three components, you’ll create an amazing digital lookbook that will impress current customers and convert new ones. It’s important to consider what your customers will like and gravitate to as well. Keep in mind the overall flow and organization of your content to create a visually appealing and cohesive lookbook.

Consumers in your target audience want to see a clean, organized lookbook, immerse themselves in interactive elements, and view examples of people using your product or service. These elements within your lookbook will build trust with your  audience. Now, let’s look at some lookbook examples that effectively enhanced their content with the abovementioned components.

5 Digital Lookbook Examples by Industry

You can create different types of lookbooks – no matter the industry you are in. While the principles and design elements listed above are the necessary steps to follow when creating your lookbook, there are different industries and different explorations within those industries. 

Below, we have pulled 10 of the best lookbook examples from our client samples. Check out their content, see what worked for them, and adopt some of their design strategies when creating your lookbook content.

1. Fashion Lookbook Example

example from sundance 2024 fashion lookbook

Fashion lookbooks utilize a collection of stylized photographs to showcase the brand aesthetic, highlight key clothing pieces, and inspire potential customers. They are primarily made up of images and tend to contain less words. These lookbooks feature the looks against a simple background and advertise the aesthetic of the product.

These lookbooks are an essential tool within the fashion industry. isual storytelling of the products, fashion lookbooks demonstrate the expertise of stylists, designers, and the creative vision. 

Merging a fashion lookbook with a digital flipbook creates an avenue for consumers to browse and shop the styles and looks. Digital fashion lookbooks offer an engaging and immersive way for businesses to connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

2. Makeup Lookbooks Example

core3 beauty makeup lookcook

Makeup, or beauty, lookbooks focus on many of the same aspects that fashion lookbooks do. They push the individual products that make up the whole look. These lookbooks contain many images and less words as well. 

Makeup lookbooks showcase cosmetology, beauty, and cosmetics. They provide a range of makeup products, looks, tutorials, and recommendations. You can enhance this content further and make it engaging by adding video clips, pop up images, and links that demonstrate the makeup looks.

When you create a digital makeup lookbook, you design an excellent resource for consumers to see the looks, view the products, and purchase the ones they want or need. This avenue provides a valuable resource for businesses or beauty gurus who want to improve their marketing, brand visibility, and reach in the competitive beauty market.

3. Furniture Lookbook example

example page from nfm furniture lookbook

Furniture lookbooks are essential tools for companies in the interior design realm. Instead of acting as a catalog that lists all of the furniture and information about it, furniture lookbooks provide an immersive and engaging experience where consumers can picture themselves using the furniture in their home.

Digital fashion lookbooks feature more images than words against simpler backgrounds. They demonstrate various layouts and styles of furniture, showcase design ideas, and give inspiration for both interior and exterior areas. Both professional and personal shoppers can view these lookbooks and receive inspiration from the design styles.

The use of a furniture lookbook serves as a powerful marketing tool. It establishes the brand identity and showcases unique company offerings. You can attract potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

4. Jewelry Lookbook Example

example page from jewelry lookbook

A digital jewelry lookbook provides a visually appealing canvas to showcase your stunning jewelry collections. Within this clean format, you can include the basics about your brand or highlight core company information, as a digital flipbook focuses more on images.

The easily accessible platform helps you to highlight the intricate details of the jewelry. Reveal detailed craftsmanship by including high-quality images. Show off styling possibilities through video clips and pop up images. 

Digital jewelry lookbooks offer inspiration, help to increase brand visibility, and empower customers to shop with convenience and aplomb.

5. Event Lookbook Example

ignite event lookbook catalog library hosted on dcatalog

Event lookbooks make use of a candid design, engaging images, and uncomplicated copy to provide information for corporate or company events. They are valuable tools for trade shows, conventions, and conferences. 

Companies who use digital event lookbooks share what their business stands for with high-quality images, immersive multimedia elements, and the ease of accessibility. Event lookbooks serve as a visual guide to showcase conference events, announce the theme and roster of activities, or to provide inspiration regarding styling and attire. 

Enhance communication, set the tone, and create excitement and anticipation for fashion weeks, corporate and company events.

Concluding Thoughts on Successful Lookbook Examples

Brands that develop digital lookbooks realize that this collateral is an essential asset for their business. This tool helps companies showcase their brand, services, and products in a visually compelling way. 

With digital lookbooks, curate image collections, descriptions, and key information about the products and capture the attention of current and potential customers. Highlight the unique features and benefits of your brand. Best of all, tie in print collateral with the digital version by using a QR to provide both a tactile experience for consumers as well as a virtual one. 

The stunning lookbook examples shown here help brands to build awareness, attract customers, and convey the value and quality of the brand’s offerings. Inspire your audience and transform their digital experience.

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