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Transform your PDFs to make inspiring digital lookbooks of your products. Showcase visually appealing product images and descriptions in an eye-catching catalog. Increase brand awareness, sales and reach. When you convert your hardcopy PDFs to flipbooks online, you receive a variety of features that drive an increased revenue.

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a page from colette wallpaper digital lookbook
page from an online fashion lookbook

cookware lookbook created using dcatalog

cookware lookbook created using dcatalog

Create Different Types of Lookbooks with DCatalog

Increase interactivity within your lookbook! Add videos, clickable links, multimedia elements, and shopping carts. Allow customers to buy products straight from your digital lookbook. This is the secret to boosting engagement and increasing the chances of converting your readers to customers.

  • Make and publish interactive flip lookbooks online
  • Increase brand awareness and reach
  • Engage users and increase online sales
  • Convert online lookbooks, event lookbooks and sales lookbooks in minutes

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Create Fashion Lookbook

Fashion lookbooks are a crucial tool for companies in the fashion industry. Digital lookbooks enable your company to effectively communicate your brand aesthetic, highlight key clothing pieces, and inspire potential customers. Fashion lookbooks showcase the expertise of stylists and designers and demonstrate your creative vision. With the rise of online shopping and social media, digital fashion lookbooks provide an effective and engaging way to connect with target audiences, increase brand visibility, and drive sales.

a page from women fashion digital lookbook

mobile view of make up lookbook created using dcatalog

Create Makeup Lookbook

Makeup lookbooks offer a visually captivating and informative platform to showcase cosmetology, beauty, and cosmetics. Offer a range of makeup looks, tutorials, and product recommendations via interactive elements. Lookbooks are a valuable resource for consumers seeking inspiration and guidance in their beauty routines. Incorporate makeup lookbooks into your online strategy to promote products, attract new customers, and foster brand loyalty in the competitive beauty market.

Create Furniture Lookbook

An online furniture lookbook is essential for a company in the interior design industry. It provides the ultimate showcase experience to enhance the customer’s home, office or patio spaces. Inspire customers by showcasing a variety of furniture styles, arrangements, and design ideas that can transform their interior or outdoor areas, in both personal and professional settings. Use a furniture lookbook as a powerful marketing tool to establish brand identity and showcase your unique offerings. Attract potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

a page from furniture lookbook showcasing bedroom furniture collection
a page from jewelry lookbook with collection of necklaces, earrings and rings

Create Jewelry Lookbook

Use a digital jewelry lookbook to provide a visually appealing and easily accessible platform to showcase stunning jewelry collections. Highlight intricate details, detailed craftsmanship, and styling possibilities. Your lookbook will inspire customers, increase brand visibility, and facilitate convenient online shopping experiences.

Create Event Lookbook

Event lookbooks are valuable tools for fashion weeks, trade shows, and corporate/company events. Utilize event lookbooks as a visual guide to showcase conferences or product launches, announce the event’s theme, and provide inspiration to attendees with suggested styling and attire. Enhance communication, set the tone, and create excitement and anticipation for fashion weeks, corporate and company events.

floor plan page from an event lookbook
three different branded lookbooks

Create Brand Lookbook

A brand lookbook is an essential asset for companies looking to showcase their brand, services, and products in a visually compelling way. Curate image collection, descriptions, and key information. Digital brand lookbooks capture the attention of potential customers, highlight the unique features and benefits, and communicate the essence of your brand. Utilize brand lookbooks in print to provide a tangible and tactile experience for consumers. Build brand awareness, attract customers, and convey the value and quality of your brand’s offerings.

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User Friendly Content

Create an engaging online experience to generate sales and increase brand awareness. The user-friendly format allows your consumers to view products, click on items and shop without leaving the online lookbook.

Engaging Online Experience

DCatalog’s lookbook software technology allows you to convert your printed lookbooks in minutes. With just a few clicks your clients can search and navigate through products, view inspiring layouts, and shop instantly. Our digital lookbooks are optimized for mobile-friendliness, real-time updates, and seamless social media integration.

Flexible Content Management

Easily modify your content in response to changing customer needs, seasonal variability, new product launch promotions, as well as a variety of other factors. These modifications can be made in real-time so that they are instantly available to your customers.

Global Reach at Lower Costs

Showcase your products anywhere in the world with access to viable internet connectivity. Online access lends itself to convenient digital sharing and distribution, eliminating hardcopy distribution, transportation, and other associated shipping and handling costs.

How to make a Lookbook with Dcatalog

Step 1: Create Your Lookbook

Start by gathering high-quality images and compelling descriptions of your brand, services, and products. You can use graphic design software or online tools to design your lookbook. Consider the overall flow and organization of your content to create a visually appealing and cohesive lookbook.

step 1 create your lookbook
step 2 upload your lookbook pdf

Step 2: Upload Your Lookbook PDF

Upload your lookbook PDF to the DCatalog platform, which is specifically designed for creating and sharing product catalogs and lookbooks. Sign in to your account (or create one if you haven’t already) and follow the provided instructions to upload your PDF file. Once the PDF is uploaded, customize the appearance and layout of your lookbook. Our platform offers various features to enhance your lookbook, such as adding interactive elements like hyperlinks, videos, and product descriptions.

Step 3: Publish and Share Your Lookbook

Once the enhancements are finalized, it’s time to release the lookbook to your audience. Our platform provides you with a unique URL for your lookbook. Share this URL via email, social media, your website, or any other channels you prefer. Embed the lookbook directly on your website for easy access. If you are publishing printed material, incorporate our QR Codes to encourage your readers to visit the interactive lookbook online. Make sure to promote your lookbook effectively, highlighting its value and encouraging viewers to explore it.

step 3 share your lookbook

DCatalog features for lookbooks

  • Advanced HTML5 Technology
  • Add to Cart and Shop
  • Extensive Link Management
  • Increased Global Reach
  • Media and Link Management
  • Increased User Experience
  • Multiple Languages
  • User Friendly
  • Cloud Publishing
  • Full White Label Branding
  • Rich Digital Media
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Bookmarks and Notes
  • SEO Friendly

With our cloud-based publishing solutions, we can easily convert PDF lookbooks into digital flipbooks to make them more accessible to customers. We work with your team to design and tailor lookbooks uniquely suited to your online business needs.

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