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It’s okay. We get it. You love DCatalog, but you don’t want our name all over your catalog. We want your digital edition to be as personalized as possible, which is why we give you the option to mask the URL with your website domain. Masking URL with DCatalog is a simple process, however, if needed we recommend contact your IT team to accomplish this task.

Along with embedding, we give you the option of using “HTML Masking Code”.  HTML Masking allows you to customize your domain to take out any sign of DCatalog. HTML Masking also makes your edition full screen, with better response times and graphics. This process can be more difficult than simply embedding so we have dedicated this whole blog post to it.

Check out some great question and answers on HTML Masking.

How exactly do I use it?

DCatalog tries to make it as easy as possible to Customize URL with DCatalog. If you log in to you DCatalog account you will see a list of your editions with a column that says “Embed.” Click on the “Embed” button for the catalog you want to use.

This will launch a pop-up with a tab for “HTML Embed” and “HTML Masking.” Click the tab for “HTML Masking” and then click the button to download.

Once you download the file, there are a couple of ways to go:

For subdomain (

  1. Create a sub-domain on GoDaddy or whichever DNS registration server you utilize
  2. Point it to your Sever (from your DNS to your web-server)
  3. Create a folder in your web-server and copy the DCatalog Masking file on your web-server
  4. Configure and deploy based on your web-server:


For subdirectory (

You will then go to your web-server and host the downloaded Masking file in the folder of the subdirectory. Creating a folder is option and will allow you to customize the domain where your catalog will be housed. You can then upload your “HTML Masking” download. This is not an applicable to CMS sites (like WordPress).

Save your work and see your new link to your digital edition. Once clicked it should take you to a fullscreen version of your digital edition.

This is a great example of the HTML Masking. The domain is entirely theirs and shows no sign of DCatalog.

What if I want to change my domain name?

Feel free to! We give you control over everything. Once you have downloaded the “HTML Masking” you can put your catalog anywhere you want. Change the domain, use a special domain; it’s entirely up to you.

Does using “HTML Masking” mean that I will host publications on my own server now?

No, all your publications are still hosted on our cloud servers. Even though the domain is specific to you, your publications will be directed from our optimized servers.

By: Daniel Anaforian – Content Writer

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