B2C Digital Retail Catalog Creator

Online Retail Catalogs

DCatalog empowers retailers to provide end consumers with online retail catalogs of their products in formats that enhance their shopping experiences. By classifying products according to segments such as brands, shoppers can more easily navigate and discover desirable items. Integration with your eCommerce platform will then allow them to conveniently and immediately add items to cart, helping to drive more sales and revenue for your business.

B2C Digital Retail Catalog Creator

Merge Sales and Marketing Efforts

With the B2C Digital Retail Catalog Creator, an online catalog solution for retailers, your sales and marketing efforts will have merged into a singular digital platform where your shoppers can enjoy easy access to your products and deliver you higher conversion rates.

  • Branded shopping experiences
  • Seamless eCommerce Integration
  • Enhanced conversion rates
  • Real-time updating of product info
  • Automated product linking
  • Data tracking on customer online engagement

Elevate your retail catalog system by going digital and allow us to help you customize this solution to achieve whatever sales and revenue goals. Upload a PDF catalog here.

Online Catalog Solution for Retailers

Seamless Integration with Your Retail Catalog

With DCatalog, retailers can provide consumers with an enhanced retail experience from the comfort of their homes and offices. Through singular access to an online retail catalog, shoppers can enjoy easy access to detailed information on products and a convenient shopping experience.

  • Transform your print catalog into an immersive online experience
  • Integrate with your eCommerce platform
  • Allow shoppers to browse and add items to their cart from the catalog
  • Keep your catalog’s stock and pricing up to date
  • Automate the linking process
  • Advanced analytics & tracking

Through the B2C Digital Catalog Creator, companies can convert PDF catalogs into an online sales and marketing tool that will boost conversion rates. Upload a PDF here to discover the benefits of the DCatalog solution.

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Enhanced Sales Conversion Rates

Integration with your eCommerce platform enables shoppers to add to cart even while browsing the digital online catalog. This ability to point and click on products allows for transactions to be immediately and conveniently executed and settled right from within the catalog. Sales are enhanced as shoppers can keep adding to their cart as their attention is held by the variety of choices displayed. This immersion helps to drive sales, boost revenues and provide a higher ROI.

Tracking Customer Engagement

Our analytics tools help to track customer behavior when immersed in the digital online catalog. You can identify which products attract the most interest and what aspect of the page captivates consumer attention. This data will guide future modifications and updates to your catalog to boost further engagement and encourage greater sales.

DCatalog Features for Online Retail Catalogs

The DCatalog online catalog solution for retailers is equipped with multiple features that will boost your retail firm’s ability to engage with shoppers and encourage increased sales. This modern digital approach will extend your reach and facilitate a simpler integration between sales and marketing without the need to expand physical stores. Key benefits include:

  • Easy Updates
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • White Label Branding
  • Customized Solutions
  • Advanced HTML5 Technology
  • Automatic Linking
  • Polygon Linking
  • Social Media and Share Integration
  • Increased Global Outreach
  • Make and Order Form
  • Rich Media and Link Management
  • Enhance Customer Experience

Maximize your growth potential by upgrading to DCatalog. Upload your PDF to our B2C Digital Retail Catalog Creator now.