Polygon Linking: Simple Shapes


Since the beginnings of mathematics and computer science, most technological functions have been based around simple shapes. The computer and web industries have been dominated by squares, rectangles, and later on circles. Yet more complex shapes have never been able to shine. This limited content creators (such as product marketers, website designers, and artists as a whole) to confine their work into basic and often more unattractive forms.

In the modern-day industry where so much of sales can be based on how stylish and appealing a product looks, this basic presentation is easily dominated by a complex one. As technology continues to improve, this aforementioned complex presentation is here and available to use. This technology allows deeply complex polygons to be highlighted, clicked, moved around, and more. As this technology is rolled out, companies such as DCatalog are using it for attractive, seamless, and useful presentation.

DCatalog’s new feature revolving around this polygon technology is called polygon linking. It brings polygon recognition to the company’s flipbooks, eCommerce, and more. This allows complex shapes to be used for a multitude of purposes, rather than just squares or rectangles.

One of our clients that utilize’s the Polygon feature is called JacoSpa:  Providing various products relating to body care and fashion. In this catalog products with complex shapes like nail polish bottles, hair curlers, and beard trimmers are featured with pictures. As the catalog is flipped through on a device, users can directly click on that product’s picture and they will be sent to a page for buying the product, placing it on a wishlist, or other functions. This is extremely convenient and stylish, as the link is wrapped to the polygon that the product creates, rather than making one leave the catalog just to look for the product. Try it for yourself and see just how user-friendly polygon linking truly is. This is overall an incredible customer experience.

Ron Barzilay, Content Writer

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