Digital eCommerce Shopping Catalogs

Transform your digital catalog into a selling machine. Increase your revenue by transforming your digital catalog into a point of sale system using direct integration with your eCommerce platform. While browsing your digital eCommerce shopping catalog, shoppers are able to add items directly to their shopping cart. When satisfied with the items in their cart, your shoppers can also check out straight from your digital catalog.

Digital eCommerce Shopping Catalogs
Electronic Catalog in eCommerce

Seamless eCommerce integration for your digital catalogs

Our digital publishing solutions integrate your electronic catalog with your existing eCommerce platform to sync with your inventory and checkout processes, making these digital shoppable catalogs a one-stop shop for your customers and delivering a seamless shopping experience.

Electronic Catalog with eCommerce Shopping Windows

Enable a shopping-window experience that your customers will find familiar and enticing. DCatalog’s viewer utilizes custom lightboxes that directly connect to your eCommerce platform in order to deliver real-time product information. 

Shopping Icon

Add clickable shopping icons next to your products to capture consumers’ attention and increase sales within your digital catalog.

Shopping Window

Match your shopping fields to the eCommerce characteristics on your website—Add elements such as item size, color, price, stock and much more!

Items Added

Allow your customers to easily “add” items to their cart and checkout directly from your website.

eCommerce Digital Shopping Catalog

Have a tiered pricing structure?

Not a problem! DCatalog can connect with login screens to show accurate pricing. The secure login portal delivers tiered pricing that corresponds to each user to simplify your price rung and tier management.

Update instantly

Integration with your eCommerce solutions means that your shoppable catalog’s stock and pricing information is always up-to-date. Need to add or remove an item?

No problem! Replacing pages is easy from our platform.

Using our online cloud software to link your digital shopping catalog with your eCommerce platform ensures that your catalog remains current. Any updates to the content on your eCommerce platform are reflected immediately in your digital catalog.

Automate the linking process

Improve your efficiency and productivity by streamlining the product linking process using our Automatic Link Recognition Tool for product ID & SKU numbers – an automation process that potentially saves you hours of valuable time.

Electronic eCommerce Catalog
Digital eCommerce Shoppable Catalog

Dazzle consumers with Polygon Linking

Outline and highlight complex shapes of your products to capture your customers’ attention and increase engagement. Our advanced technology allows complex polygons to be highlighted, clicked, moved around, and more, enabling an attractive, seamless, and useful presentation that makes products more appealing to your customers.

Data-driven results

Gain powerful insight on the usage of your electronic catalog in an eCommerce tracking platform with powerful analytics and obtain a deeper understanding of how your products are being consumed. Customize your digital catalog and product offerings using tangible metrics and utilize this knowledge to tailor your products to appeal to your customers.

Electronic eCommerce Catalog with Integrations

Shoppable catalogs meant to go viral

Empower your brand through various catalog-sharing methods.

DCatalog never limits the number of users that can access a catalog—so rev up your content and deliver it to the masses. Expand your reach to accrue a larger audience for enhanced brand awareness and a larger buyer pool.

Embed on Your Website

Marketing Campaigns

Email Signature

Social Media Sharing

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