Hunter Douglas North America

Hunter Douglas North America is the world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings, as well as a major manufacturer of architectural products. Their strength is their ability to develop innovative, high quality, proprietary products that can be found in millions of homes and commercial buildings around the globe. They operate as a highly decentralized, global federation of small and medium-sized companies that manufacture and market similar products. Their company is the most loved, efficient, and fasting growing window covering company in the world


Innovation is what drives Hunter Douglas North America. They are always thinking of new ways to solve challenges. That is why they have produced 24 window covering products that range in style and price with several white label brands, as well as available at retail operations.

“After searching multiple different solutions, DCatalog was able to meet all our publishing needs in an online setting, but also incorporate a Mobile App for both IOs and Apple for offline viewership at a very competitive price point.”
By: Hunter Douglas North America | Marketing Manager

The Challenge:

Hunter Douglas NA was searching for a solution that enabled us to meet all of our publishing needs in one online setting, that offered on and offline use to our reps and dealers. We needed to stop printing and save money in the printing process. We required an automated publishing schedule that keeps our content updated and relevant, and easily allows for the ability to cross-search through our content.

The prior solution we utilized was discontinued and a new vendor needed to be selected. Preferably, the solution would include a mobile app option so Hunter Douglas NA can offer offline viewership at a competitive price point.

The Solution:

Because we had a previous provider, we looked for a more ease of use solution. We appreciate that DCatalog continually listens to our feedback and adopts feature requests and usability features within their roadmap. Dcatalog’s platform offered automation in our digital publishing process, which significantly removed the need for additional, manual steps that were required by our prior solution. The solution has helped save weeks of manpower that would have otherwise been spent manually linking and publishing our content.

The key to being with another provider with a similar product, is the current solution offers a more ingestible and less monotonous publishing process. The DCatalog mobile app solution also offers an offline experience that is crucial for Hunter Douglas’ dealers within rural areas or in construction sites with no service, which is imperative for field operators’ convenience.

Both the web app and mobile experience offers a solution that works across any device and eliminates the need for reps or dealers to have to carry around a 1,200 binder. From a business process perspective, DCatalogs allows Hunter Douglas’ content to remain updated and stay agile when changes are needed.


The benefits of working with DCatalog are immense. We have saved significant time by shaving off 20 to 40 weeks of our publishing schedule by removing the need for custom material (ex. custom binder clips). In monetary terms, the digital catalogs have saved us $750,000 per year. Offline viewership has increased due to the usability of the mobile application, which ensures all operators have access to the latest material. From a business prospective perspective, it allows updates to be more agile and automatic. Through the Preview period, the solution allows dealers the transparency to leverage price changes to drive consumer commitment.

By offering a web app and mobile app, DCatalog allows our reps and dealers to easily obtain access to our reference guides, without having to carry around a 1,200 page binder. Within our updating period, our dealers also offer price transparency that drives consumer commitment.

The DCatalog solution allows us to effortlessly provide up to date information in a faster to market interface. By eliminating print entirely, we have been able to save millions of dollars in paper collateral that would have otherwise been outdated as soon as it hit the press. The platform improved analytical tracking of documents and dealer feedback with call to action buttons. The data shows that millions of page views are occurring on a monthly basis, which helps us gain better insights on our consumers and how they interact with our content.

As for the results, DCatalog:

  • Increases ease-of-use and transparency
  • Provides an alternative to print
  • Offers the ability to make instant updates
  • Improves analytical tracking and feedback
  • Saves time and money
  • Drives consumer commitment
  • Gives us a solution that offers a mobile application
  • Helps us gain better insight into our consumers