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International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a global, non-profit organization, focused on promoting and distributing education and training for arborists. Through research, technology, and education ISA promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.

“We are enjoying features no other provider was able to deliver for the price… Overall, it’s been a very positive experience, the product is excellent, and their support response times are great!”
Learning Technology Manager
International Society of Arboriculture

The Challenge

Serving a broad audience of readers for our digital publications, ISA strives to provide a rich, user-friendly educational resource platform for their members. Arboriculture professionals are often on the go. ISA’s original platform was not mobile-friendly or particularly intuitive. It offered ISA only limited control in design features and configuration capabilities. To appeal to their International audience, ISA needed a solution that would allow them to publish fully tailored issues of their magazine, scientific journal, and special marketing resources; one that allowed them to maintain complete control of their global publications.

The Solution

ISA was seeking a solution their users could view on the go, with a strong search function, and a seamless magazine experience. After comparing several other digital magazine providers—they implemented DCatalog’s flipbook solution.

ISA now enjoys complete control over their publications and things like:

  • Secure login for members to view current publications
  • Batch uploading
  • White-label configuration to enhance their brand
  • Mobile appearance for an engaging digital magazine

Simple dashboards now make it possible for ISA to design and upload new publications in minutes. Industry-leading mobile capabilities allow ISA’s global members to access their magazines on any mobile device, from any location.

DCatalog’s on-boarding team delivered a solution webinar and transferred “hands-on” experience in working within the platform; utilizing ISA’s configurations. The DCatalog client success team worked to arrive at an investment model that also allowed ISA to migrate decades of archived content—to ensure an optimal experience for their global membership.

The Benefit

Since implementing our flipbook solution, ISA has seen benefits across the board. ISA members are able to seamlessly view online digital magazines instantly on their mobile devices. Their members have experienced increased ease of use and navigation capabilities since the switch to our platform. Additionally, ISA enjoys complete control over their magazine design with full customization features.

ISA is now better able measure their growth and customer reach through DCatalog’s Google Analytic capabilities. Google Analytic tracking allows ISA staff to measure the click-thru rate and track the number of page views, allowing them to better assess regional expansion. ISA has seen a positive increase in click-thru rates and page views since employing our flipbook.

Additionally, DCatalog was able to put some special features into effect for ISA’s unique research and educational magazines. To maximize membership value, DCatalog provided ISA with new search tools and archiving technology. Features no other provider had been able to offer cost-effectively before ISA’s switch to the DCatalog platform.