Reid Supply

Reid Supply is a premier provider of over 40,000 industrial components to manufacturers throughout North America. Founded in 1948, Reid Supply has served a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, fixtures, food processing, furniture, medical, packaging, and transportation


Reid Supply maintains strong partnerships with over 200 leading brands in their industry, establishing themselves as a preferred distributor. With over 70 years of experience, Reid Supply has become a leader in the manufacturing industry by remaining focused on the fundamentals– quality products, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service.

“Thrilled with the platform, DCatalog ticked all the boxes we really need for ease of changing on demand, being able to do promotions easily, give a customer journey, and being able to tell the Reid story...the instructiveness of it is wonderful.”
By: Reid Supply | Marketing Manager

The Challenge:

Reid Supply was in search of a solution that could amplify our catalogs’ accessibility and efficiency. Many of our customers demanded print resources, so we wanted to offer a familiar experience in an interactive digital format. We came to DCatalog in need of a transition from printed material to immersive digital content that any of our customers would enjoy engaging with. The cost of print and distribution made us realize that our catalogs became outdated as soon as we printed them.

On top of that, inconvenience associated with revisions or updates to our catalogs was not possible. We knew there had to be a more seamless way we could provide our clients with updated collateral and content online. The desire to convey the Reid story became our top priority for us–to publish innovative and meaningful catalogs for our clients.

The Solution:

DCatalog ticked all the boxes we really needed for ease of edits on demand, effortless promotions, creating a customer journey, and being able to tell the Reid Supply story. The DCatalog self-serve publishing platform has provided us with a solution that allows for seamless edits to our catalogs. This has proven to be a great convenience on the viewer’s end as well, as we are able to update and maintain the content of our catalogs with relevant and updated information.

Digital catalogs have also allowed us to elevate the promotion of our vendor partnerships within the manufacturing industry. With the digital catalogs, it translates well with what customers find comfortable with print–but even more robust! With DCatalog we can now incorporate videos and knowledge pieces to better demonstrate the products we are providing. Additionally, this allows for our viewers to have interactive experiences within our catalogs. The customer journey becomes immersive with the incorporation of multimedia, as well as convenient product linking that redirects them to our website’s product pages! The Automatic Linking tool is a gamechanger and brings our content to life. With a simple click of a button, thousands of SKUs are linked within seconds, which gives consumers a more meaningful experience than we could ever do with printed catalogs.

The Benefit:

The results of the digital catalogs have hit the goals of all of our initial challenges, and provide a shopping experience that our customers happily adopt. Customers now have all the tools and information they need about our products, and the transition from print to digital has also proven to increase engagement through this accessible format. With DCatalog we have been able to tailor all branding and aesthetics of our catalogs, all while tracking the growing analytics month to month. We found that there is endless room for promotion & focus on specific products, as we can now create content for sectors that were not as easily doable in print. This is a user-friendly experience that ultimately allows for our customers to have relevant and tailored information that is based on their needs. As for the the results, DCatalog:

  • Increases ROI and reduces printing costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves time, since we don’t have to manually link the SKUs
  • Provides a personalized viewing experience that matches industry standards
  • Allows us to customize and be innovative with our content
  • Makes easy and user-friendly digital catalogs, for both for creator & end-user/viewers/consumers
  • Increases opportunities for catalog creation compared to the distribution of print