5 Ways that DCatalog Saves You Time and Money this Holiday Season

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Small Business Saturday! This year there is a lot to be thankful for. Everyone is gearing up for delicious turkey, cozy family time, and amazing deals. While it is fun to score a great deal from a big box store or chain, there is a whole other side to eCommerce retailers known as the small business. Small businesses know that it can be hard to get noticed at this time of year. 

As we continue to navigate the after-effects of the pandemic, small businesses need support more than ever. Digital catalogs provide an excellent option for companies to create beautiful catalogs at a fraction of the price. In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the uses for online catalogs that will save you time and money as a business owner.

Save On Printing Costs

Level up your content and deliver an amazing experience for your customers – without sacrificing a huge part of your marketing budget. Amid recession fears heralded by mass layoffs and inflation woes, cutting costs is a factor for any business and even more so for small businesses. Add in print shortages such as reduced paper and ink supplies and soaring distribution costs, and it becomes almost impossible to print catalogs and other literature like you used to.

DCatalog’s platform helps you offset printing costs while still providing meaningful connections between your business and your customers. It is a simple process to take your static PDFs and turn them into digital editions within seconds. 

Our platform generates QR codes, which helps bridge the gap between printed and digital content. A nice alternative to printing an entire catalog is to place a generated QR code on a postcard or insert. When your customers scan over the QR code, they are directed to the digital catalog.

Upload, Design, and Update On Your Terms

Digital catalog publishing offers business owners an easy way to create digital editions of their print catalogs. Our powerful and intuitive catalog software allows you to upload a static PDF and turn it into a dynamic digital edition. 

Once your PDF is uploaded, you can design the digital catalog to match your branding colors. Add your logo and tagline. Organize your catalog into sections by adding tabs and bookmarks. The expandable table of contents is available from any page of the catalog, which makes it easy to navigate. 

For any additional information, product updates (or removals), you can log in to the back end of the software and make changes in minutes. The Add, Delete, or Replace pages feature gives you this option. There are many ways to manage and maintain your content and the admin platform is easy to learn so you can do it yourself or train a team member. This gives you hours of time back in your day and saves you a significant amount in labor costs.

Generate More Sales

Transform your digital catalog into a high-quality showstopper and generate more sales by connecting it with your existing eCommerce platform. Your shoppers can browse products from the comfort of their homes, add items to their cart, and check out – all without leaving the catalog. Seamless integration with your inventory and check out processes means your customers have a one-stop shopping experience.

Digital catalogs are optimized for mobile. They are easy to share via social media or email. If a customer sees something he or she likes and that a friend will like too, all he or she has to do is click the share button and send it out. Online catalogs drive traffic to your website. They are an effective marketing tool and you don’t have to spend a fortune to incorporate this concept into your bag of tools.   Plus, with digital catalog publishing, create an immersive, interactive, and engaging experience that your shoppers will love.

Improve Efficiency in Customization and Automation

When you convert your PDF using digital catalog publishing software you can customized your digital catalogs look expensive and tailored, but the secret is you spend less to get more. For small business owners, this is a boon to your overall budget.

Customize everything within the viewer window to match your brand and company aesthetic. From the colors to the shopping icons, you choose what best fits you. A polished and professional digital catalog lends your business credibility and the sense of reliability.

Automate processes as well, to save time and money. Eliminate human error and use templates that are created for your brand. Publish your price lists, catalogs, and other literature into engaging formats that enhance marketing and brand awareness.

Increase ROI and Revenue

ROI is the best measure of profitability for your marketing efforts. Small businesses do not have the same marketing capacity as big box stores do. But, digital publishing software provides many ways to market to customers and get a significant return on investment.

Once you publish and distribute your digital edition, keep track of your lead conversions. You can do this via DCatalog’s analytics and our integration with Google analytics.  There are several ways to share your content. Send it via a link in email, share to social media platforms, or embed the link on your website.

With the easy ability to share your digital catalog and get your content into the hands of your customers faster, you increase your chances for lead conversion.

Increased brand awareness and extended reach funnels these marketing efforts into more sales. Within the digital catalog itself, shoppers have an easier time discovering the items they want. With an eCommerce platform integration, those buyers add to cart and checkout. This does two things: it keeps your shoppers’ eyes on the products in your catalog, and sales get a bump thanks to the add-to-cart functionality and check out feature.


Small Business Saturday raises awareness and buzz for small businesses. There is no better way to keep giving thanks than to shop local or support small businesses on Saturday, November 26th. 

But no matter if you are a small business or one that is affected by the current economic climate, flip digital catalogs save you time, money, effort, and labor. They help businesses drive sales and increase brand recognition. DCatalog’s platform empowers eCommerce retailers and other businesses to create a dynamic, engaging, immersive experience for your customers. That is something to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the DCatalog Team!

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