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Electronic Publishing Platform

Publishing at your fingertips

DCatalog’s self-serve platform automates and standardizes the publishing workflow. Simply upload your PDF and instantly create stunning digital content without writing a single line of code. Streamline your content delivery through electronic publishing and realize the advantages of digital distribution.


Advantages of Digital Distribution

Content collaboration at its finest

Give your team easy access and control to upload, design, update and share!

Harness your brand

Elevate your content with enhancements that match your brand standards:

  • Add your logo
  • Customize your colors
  • Mask your URL
Electronic Cloud Publishing Platform
Benefits of Digital Distribution

Plug and play navigation

Add interactive tools that guide your readers through your content:

  • Build a dynamic table of contents
  • Add bookmarks
  • Add an Introduction page

Add depth to your content

Immerse your readers through links, videos, pop ups, animations and more.

Want to automate linking?

Electronic Publishing Solutions

Content that keeps up

Preview your creation as you work and publish at your own pace. Grow your content with real-time updates—replace pages, update links, and more. Short on time? Our digital publishing production team can take the hassle off your hands. Yet another advantage of digital distribution through the DCatalog electronic publishing platform.

Animate with ease.

Level up your user experience with attention-grabbing elements:

  • Flip/Slide
  • Pre-loader GIF
  • Animate in edition
Perks of Digital Distribution
Online Electronic Publishing Platform

Track for instant insights

Gain powerful data on your readers —
your content and analytics, all in a single platform.

Looking for more?
We’ve got you covered

Create fully customized digital experiences to meet your company’s innovative ideas with DCatalog. From REST APIs to exclusive UI builds, we’ll tailor our platform to your needs.

Advantages of Digital Content Distribution

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