Need to Automatically Convert your Excel File, Product Feed or XML to PDF Catalogs??

DCatalog’s PDF Creator Solution enables retailers and wholesalers to connect various data sources that automatically create a catalog. Upload your data source and let DCatalog’s Catalog Creator do the rest and generate catalog template for you. This solution enables you to connect your data sources to automate the production of catalogs and pricelists. Turn XML to PDF with your own design, and create branded product PDF catalog templates that keep brand consistency while streamlining everything else. Welcome to the fastest way to publish an outstanding catalog from a data source. Contact us and learn how to convert files to pdfs and generate a stunning online catalogs. 

PDF Creator Solution

How it works:

  1. Prepare your data source (CSV, XSLX, Google Spreadsheet, XML to PDF) for catalog automation
  2. Upload it into DCatalog’s Platform
  3. Choose a catalog template or design one with us from scratch
  4. Select relevant fields, colors, and settings to map the elements
  5. Click to generate your custom PDF and create a catalog layout
  6. Publish your auto-generated flipbook catalog

DCatalog’s PDF Catalog Creator Platform Advantages:

DCatalog’s PDF Creator Platform allows you to convert files such as XML to PDFs that compliment and improve your marketing collateral. DCatalog designs your own branded catalog template to keep brand consistency while automating everything else. Quickly generate catalog templates connected from your data sources, so you can easily publish new versions of catalogs as inventory changes.

File to PDF

File to PDF

Save money on production processes and printing by converting your data file to PDF. 

File to PDF

File to PDF

Save time with flexible and highly efficient catalog templates created specifically for your brand. With the conversion of XML to PDF, the process to create a catalog will be faster and easier.

Eliminate human error by connecting directly with your data source and having the platform create a catalog on your organization’s behalf.

Catalog Template

Catalog Template

The catalog template design makes for easy to update product lines that ensure brand consistency.

Publish & Share Catalogs

file to pdf

Publish the produced catalogs and pricelists into an online flipbook format that helps level-up marketing, brand awareness, user–experience and sales! Track your content via integration with Google Analytics. Share it on popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Password protect your flipbooks catalogs generate a vanity URL, and embed it on your website. Visitors can select products in your catalogs and get directly linked to the product landing page. Alternatively, they can build an order form and send it to your sales team for order fulfilment.


Professional Catalog 4

Catalog Template Built for Your Brand

Create catalogs with rich content and a flexible layout. Specify how many products you’d like to show per page and let the system do the rest! DCatalog’s PDF Catalog Creator auto-generates a Table of Contents and catalog sections to make it a one-stop shop to produce your content.

Professional Catalog 5

Product Tag Automation

Simplify your workflow by using product tag automation, meaning we can automatically link the SKUs shown in your content to their respective product pages. Often, product catalogs are filled with lots of product tags that offer valuable information about the items. With DCatalog, you can also automate the entire process of adding product tags to your catalogs.

Professional Catalog 6

Shopping Window Integration

Elevate your digital retail catalog by using DCatalog’s Shoppable Catalog Technology. DCatalog directly connects with your eCommerce platform to enable an in-catalog shopping window so your consumers can checkout easily and efficiently.