Secure Cloud Publishing

A secure place for all your content

At DCatalog, we’re dedicated to secure solutions that fit your organization’s needs. We provide guardrails to protect your content in the cloud.

Secure Cloud Publishing

Secure your content

DCatalog offers several layers of security to protect your content:

Set one unique password that clients can utilize to view your secure documents.

Connect to your existing authentication system and have your users log in with a single ID and password to gain access to your content.

Embed your content behind your existing https login page.

Need a user management system?

Utilize DCatalog’s management system to validate users and seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use, including Single Sign On (SSO), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Document Management Solution (DMS), and more.

Secure Cloud-Based Publishing

Custom solutions that keeps your private content in the right hands

Vendor Management

Subscriber Management

Internal Management

Logging In, simplified

DCatalog will build a login screen that requires user credentials and allows for password reset.

An efficient way to manage users

Authorize, create and restrict access to users in one fully integrated, secure cloud publishing solution that syncs with your online content.

Password Protection for Secure Cloud Publishing
Cloud-based Product Management System

Instant user access

Send a custom email when a user is added to the system to create their own unique password so they can gain access to your online collateral.

Rethink how you manage your users
access your private content

Enterprise cloud deployment services

DCatalog approaches secure cloud publishing as a way to help enterprise customers take a key step toward better business agility and user experiences. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operate and compete, our cloud deployment is a game changer for the enterprise at hand. Our solution can be configured and customized based on your publishing needs and secured on our private dedicated servers OR within your organization’s hosting environment.

Secure Cloud Publishing Platform

Customize your cloud deployment & fine-tune your environment

By customizing your cloud to fit your digital publishing requirements, present an optimized and user-friendly content management experience that increases reach and brand awareness.

Maintain full control of the corporate flipbook publishing process and your digital liberty while increasing traffic, reach and revenue.

Private cloud solution

Architect and implement your private cloud publishing solution for maximum performance, while delivering a complete and secure solution for all your content management needs. This cross-channel integrated solution ensures that all your content is delivered quickly and seamlessly, in-house, and on your own time.


Amazon S3

Utilize DCatalog’s safe and secure cloud while publishing your secure content. You can store and maintain multiple editions, from different branches or subdivisions, and publish your corporate flipbook content with ease.


Batch Processing

Save valuable resources, meet tight deadlines, and publish content with the time saving benefits of batch processing. If you have a huge library that needs to be uploaded quickly, our batch processing feature will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SaaS Solution

Utilize the power of the cloud, while benefiting from a multitenant architecture, which allows multiple users to manage and monitor content seamlessly. Our platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere through our custom administrator portal.

Your Branding

Our corporate cloud solution allows your organization to completely white label brand your secure documents. From the viewer design to the URL itself, rest assured that the integrity of your branding is never sacrificed.

100% Configurable

Need something custom-made? Not a problem! DCatalog’s solution is created in house, so if there is a customized feature or development you want to add to your deployment, we would be happy to hear about it.

Tune your cloud for success, raise traffic & increase efficiency

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