Product Catalogs Design Examples to Inspire Your Catalog Creation

Product Catalogs Design Examples to Inspire Your Catalog Creation

With online shopping platforms making it easier than ever to launch and maintain an online business, the question may come up: how do digital catalogs fit into eCommerce? Some product pages are as simple as displaying an image of a product, with a brief description. Other product catalogs get innovative, choosing to make their pages interactive and engaging with video clips, audio clips, gif images, and more.

Businesses rely on product catalogs. They are essential marketing tools for the B2B or B2C domains. As global eCommerce continues evolving, and more customers feel comfortable buying online, it is important to make product catalog pages work for you. Explore the role that digital product catalogs play in enhancing eCommerce ROI and learn how to adapt to creating and designing a catalog that increases customer engagement and reach.

In this article, we have provided 24 designs and product catalog examples to inspire your digital catalog creation.


B2B Product Catalog Examples and Designs

The following examples represent some of the best product catalog examples in B2B digital catalogs. These catalogs showcase products and provide easy access to acquiring the items that businesses need.


1. Staples

staples professional sourcebook

Staples crafted an ultra-organized catalog to present their industry-leading products. Within their sleek and professional catalog, they utilized the Expandable Table of Contents tool. This allows their clients to easily navigate within their catalogs, spanning hundreds of pages.


2. Rubbermaidrubbermaid product catalog pricing list

Rubbermaid is a leader in home and food storage. Their catalog utilizes multimedia elements, such as video buttons, to tell a visually interesting story. They incorporate a table of contents for easy navigation.

Auto linking provides interactivity and makes browsing the catalog a breeze. These elements catch the eye of the readers and provide easy navigation, all while increasing sales and marketing.


3. White Cap

whitecap b2b catalog screenshot

White Cap makes use of all the organizational and navigational elements featured in DCatalog’s platform. With the virtual library, section tabs, and search functionality, they have created a seamless viewing experience for all of their users.


4. Mattel

mattel barbie catalog

Through their portfolio of iconic consumer brands including Barbie®, Mattel creates systems of play, content and experiences that help kids unlock their full potential.

Mattel integrated a customized shopping experience by utilizing DCatalog’s shopping windows. Mattel effortlessly populates product information they have at hand with this intuitive platform.


5. Hoshizaki

hoshizaki price guide 2023

Hoshizaki is an innovator and leader in the ice machine industry. In order to put together their stunning digital catalog, they needed an automated and innovative self-serve publishing platform. Within the DCatalog solution, they were able to make use of the introduction page, with a clear explanation of their digital price guide.

They utilized bookmark tabs to organize the extensive categories. They incorporated videos and animations throughout the catalog to make it interactive and engaging.

With the Automatic Linking tool, they linked all SKUs back to their respective product landing pages, providing a direct pathway to the website for each product shown.


6. Burndy

burndy b2b catalog

Burndy wanted to customize their catalog to make it easy for their customers to locate products and quickly share information. They made navigation much smoother by using the arrows on the side of the viewer, adding bookmarks, and incorporating a table of contents to make an effective catalog.

With the in-depth search ability, their customers can search by Product Line, Catalog Number, or even a product feature. The robust search capabilities enable users to quickly refine their search. Spec Sheet information is streamlined — users access it by simply clicking on the catalog number.

Additional enhancements include the ability to download individual pages or page ranges, which makes them easy to share or save. The Add Notes tool enables customers to put in notes throughout the catalog for continuous personal reference.

Burndy also enabled a wishlist feature, which allows the choice of several icons. Burndy chose the “heart” icon for the wishlist feature. By clicking the icon, customers can create and save a list of items, which they can come back to later to add or revise.


7. Hubbell

hubbell new product ecatalog

Hubbell needed a digital catalog with features that could keep up with their production! Enter DCatalog’s Order Form Technology which allows their buyers to quickly request products from their catalogs, add items to the form and email their requests directly to Hubbell’s sales team, so the order can be fulfilled quickly and easily.

Along with that, they use detailed navigational elements, such as the Expandable Table of Contents and brightly colored side tabs.


8. Airgas

radnor catalog cover image

Airgas created their RADNOR catalog that features all of their products in one place, such as welding and safety products. They chose to upgrade the way their customers assemble and submit their purchase orders.

Airgas used DCatalog’s technology to build an order form process within their digital catalogs. This enables their sales team to receive quote requests, submit orders and create sales.


9. Cambro

cambro product catalog

CAMBRO provides efficient, food safe products for the foodservice industry. Their goal has been to design products for foodservice professionals that make their jobs safer and easier.

With their online catalog, they have added colorful tabs that allow their readers to easily maneuver through the content and quickly access relevant information.


10. Pilot Precision Process

pilot precision process catalog

Pilot Precision Products provides products for industrial broaches, cutting tools, milling, drilling & turning. Their online catalog helps customers solve their toughest challenges in metalworking. They utilize internal links within the table of contents, so customers can easily navigate to the pages they need.

The Request for Quote Technology within their digital catalog enables the sales team to receive quote requests, submit orders, and create sales.


11. Toro

toro flipbook catalog

Toro is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment and they searched for a diverse and innovative catalog solution.

The Toro product catalog makes use of DCatalog’s Stitchbook technology, which easily allows reps, dealers and customers to add and reorder a collection of pages from the catalog into an exportable PDF or as a new curated flipbook edition with its own dedicated URL.

This cutting edge solution enables Toro to deliver polish and custom catalog content for their customers and dealers in the most user-friendly way possible


B2C Product Catalog Examples

Designing a beautiful catalog that speaks to clients is made even easier when utilizing DCatalog’s intuitive and powerful digital publishing platform. The clients in this section have made a beautiful B2C digital catalog that showcases their products and items in a stunning way.


12. Sundance

sundance catalog

Sundance Catalog celebrates the spirit of the American West. Their pages are filled with unique and artisan-made clothing, jewelry, furniture and more. Sundance Catalog composed a sleek digital catalog with DCatalog to provide their customers with the best shopping experience. Flipping through the pages of their catalog, readers see shopping windows within their catalogs, channeled directly from their eCommerce system. The pages are laid out beautifully and showcase the best examples of their product offerings.


13. NFM


NFM is in business to improve people’s lifestyles. By offering an online catalog with selection, savings and ideas, they bring customers one step closer to the home of their dreams.

The product links within the catalog easily navigate readers through internal and external links Adding live links for images, websites, emails, phone numbers, and more increases the seamless experience.


14. Be Home

be home catalog table of-contents

Be Home was founded with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind. Their digital catalog makes use of a modern vision by incorporating DCatalog’s Extensive Link Management tool. Their users can easily navigate through internal and external links within the catalog.

Each page is filled with products outlined in their precise shapes by using the polygon linking tool. They also utilized the expandable table of contents so you can quickly find the item you are looking for.


15. York Wallcoverings

york wall covering catalog

York Wallcoverings is the oldest and largest wallcovering producer in the United States. They take pride in their artistry and craftsmanship and needed a solution that created the same feel as their stunning products. They organized and categorized their content with DCatalog’s Library Rack feature to create a stunning library of content.

This solution arranges and presents their playbooks in an easy to scan format. Additionally, this tool features the ability for cross-search of their other catalog content and connects to each one for easy navigation.



soccerdotcom team catalog

SOCCER.COM started with a simple, but ambitious, goal to deliver the best gear to U.S. based soccer teams so they did not have to travel to Europe to find it.

Likewise, their sporty digital catalog came together with a simple layout, but an ambitious goal: to create a more engaging experience for shoppers. Their online catalogs allow consumers to browse and shop soccer equipment in a more robust, immersive and interactive format by using multimedia elements, polygon linking, and external links.


17. Todd Snyder

todd snyder new york june may april catalog

Todd Snyder publishes sleek and beautiful catalogs by using DCatalog’s intuitive platform. Their vision, couples with the publishing platform technology, create an outstanding shopping experience. With the polygon linking tool, their products are highlighted and outlined in each unique shape, to create visual interest throughout the catalog.


A well-designed digital product catalog provides an amazing platform for showcasing and selling products and services. Digital catalogs offer better opportunities to personalize and customize the shopping experience for customers and clients.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C provider, in this article we have provided 24 product catalog examples and designs that make browsing and shopping an experience guaranteed to increase engagement, sales, and reach.

The catalog examples listed in this article represent a balance of streamlined efficiency alongside the power of DCatalog’s digital publishing platform. The companies who utilize DCatalog to design and enhance their digital catalogs enable a better process for their sales team, customers, and marketing department.

If you are interested in designing a digital catalog that stands out, feel free to reach out to one of our Digital Publishing Executives today to learn more!


Are Digital Catalogs a Profitable Investment?

Resoundingly, yes. Digital catalogs are less expensive to produce than print catalogs. They are readily available in minutes and are easy to update in real time. They provide many opportunities for engagement, personalization, and customization. There are many elements provided within the digital catalog that make a shopping experience stand out.

What is the best digital publishing platform?

One of the best digital publishing platforms is DCatalog. This platform allows you to manage and maintain your content easily, while adding multimedia elements that engage your users, increase productivity, and improve sales. Use this type of platform to make your content an immersive viewing experience for your audience.

How can I best design a product catalog?

As seen in this article, some of the best product catalog example designs include a clean, uncluttered layout of the PDF. When you upload it into a digital publishing platform, make sure to add interactive and multimedia elements to your digital catalog. Create a table of contents, add colorful tabs on the side, incorporate internal and external links. For shoppable items, choose an ecommerce integration within the catalog with customized shopping windows; or, choose a wish list option that enables your customers or salespeople to add items to a wish list, assemble order forms, or get quotes.

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