Take Your Wholesale Content Digital

Wholesale & Distribution

With interactive digital wholesale catalogs, you can successfully share your product lines with clients and provide an easy platform on which they can immediately make purchase orders. When you take your wholesale catalog digital with our publishing platform, you’ll increase purchase orders and ROI by creating interactive digital wholesale catalogs that are easily distributed to consumers.

Take Your Wholesale Catalog Digital with Our Publishing Platform

Expand your Reach with Digital Content

The digital format of this catalog makes its distribution and sharing fast and easily affordable. With more businesses taking the initiative to build an online presence, it has become easier to reach out digitally and draw more attention to your brand and product offerings. With a wider outreach and beautifully presented wholesale digital catalog, you can expect to level up sales and enjoy better ROI.

  • Improved distribution of product catalogs
  • Higher ROI from enhanced sales
  • Wider outreach to new and existing clients
  • Simplified purchase order execution
  • Enhanced buyer experience through immersive catalog content

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Take Your Wholesale Content Digital

Instantly simplify the digital
catalog experience

Search & Navigation: Amongst the benefits of making a wholesale catalog digital is the easy navigation that enables businesses to quickly narrow down to products they want. Through the search function, they can avoid wasting time perusing endless pages.

eCommerce Integration: Similarly, the integration of your online digital catalog with your eCommerce platform allows buyers to instantly make purchase orders, without having to switch over to another app or webpage. This drives up sales by eliminating the delay between selecting a product and making an order.

Automated Linking: Streamline the product linking process using our Automatic Link Recognition Tool for product ID & SKU numbers, saving you hours of valuable time. Link, outline and highlight complex shapes of your products to capture your customers’ attention and increase engagement with the polygon linking feature.

Other features include:

  • Real-Time Updating of Stock Levels and Pricing
  • Increased Sales
  • Advanced Analytics & Tracking
  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

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Personalized Shopping Experience

Our full white label branding function allows you to customize the design of your catalog. Create captivating shopping experiences that will immerse your clients in the rich variety of product lines your offer. Use the Link Recognition Tool to make connections between your wholesale digital catalog and back end shopping platform for quick syncing of data that will save on time and labor.

Increase Sales

Integration with your existing eCommerce platform will enable your clients to make purchase orders while still exploring your catalog. Streamlining the conversion pathway makes purchasing more convenient and, ultimately, more likely. This immersive experience will deliver faster sales conversions, as less time is wasted between making a purchase decision and executing it.

Analysis of Customer Engagement

DCatalog is equipped with analytical tools that generate data which can be used to track customer engagement when accessing the wholesale digital catalog. When you take your wholesale catalog digital with our publishing platform, you can discover which particular products your customers are most interested in and what aspects of your catalog draw their attention. This data will guide future updates to your catalog to provide an even better immersive experience.

DCatalog features for wholesale & distribution

Discover a host of features when using DCatalog to make your wholesale catalog digital. Allow your B2B clients to enjoy an easy and integrated ordering process from your convenient and beautifully designed digital catalog. Share your catalog conveniently for a wider global outreach by using multiple channels including social media and email. Enjoy automated linking and synchronization that ensures fast updates to your stock and pricing information. And more, including:

  • Automatic linking
  • Polygon Linking
  • Advanced HTML5 Technology
  • White Label Branding
  • Customized Solutions
  • Rich Media and Link Management
  • Make an Order Form
  • Easy Updates
  • User-Friendly Experience
  • Increased Global Outreach
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Advanced Analytics

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